• Conversation AI ecosystem

    Building success on Tron Protocol

  • Natural dapp experience

    Access smart contract as easy as chat

DACC HashAI Ecosystem

DACC HashAI is an innovative converstaion AI driven ecosystem build on Tron blockchain,
it empowers Dapps with natural conversation interface to provide best user experience.

  • Social

    Integrate with popular social platforms to manage Tron based assets and interact with Dapps deployed on Tron blockchain

  • Ecommerce

    Order products or services through Tron smart contracts, by just using Text and voice activated device, for example Google Home.

  • B2C & CRM

    Enable business to engage with customers via conversation based Dapps and implement loyalty program based on TRX, TRC10 or TRC20 tokens.

  • IoT

    Control IoT devices via converstaion interface and track device status and operational dataset on Tron blockchain

Tron Wallet bot

Tron account is easily created and securely integrated with social platform. Send or receive TRX on Mainnet via chat.

Try our first Slack chatbot @TronWalletBot

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Unlock business opportunities
via voice

Tron Cafe is a Tron Dapp built for Google Home and Google assistant.

User can easily order coffee by voice chat to seamlessly access smart contract deployed on Tron Mainnet

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We are developing HashAI platform to integrate popular social channels and voice assistant devices. So users can easily access Dapps on Tron blockchain. In the future, developers can use HashAI sdk to develop and deploy conversation AI powered Dapps on Tron blockchain

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